​About Us

OUR VISION: To create a better community through kindness to animals.

OUR MISSION: To provide our community with an animal shelter that shows compassion and respect for life by following a no-kill philosophy and by striving to provide the cats and dogs entrusted to our care with permanent, loving homes.


  1. Adhere to the philosophy of the No Kill Movement where the life of every animal is valued. Overcrowding will never be a factor in the decision to euthanize.
  2. Administer vaccinations, medical diagnostic tests, and medical treatments for parasites and other treatable conditions to every animal in our care.
  3. Spay or neuter every animal in our care so that they do not contribute to the cat and dog overpopulation issues.
  4. Adhere to world-class standards for caring for the physical, emotional, and behavioral health of every animal in our care.
  5. Promote a positive adoption application experience that encourages adopters to thoughtfully accept the responsibilities of pet ownership.
  6. Participate in social action by sharing our knowledge and experience and networking with other humane organizations, so that our community understands the importance of the humane treatment of animals.
  7. Collaborate with community organizations to inspire creative ways to bring people and pets together for the common good of our community.

As a no-kill, not-for-profit animal shelter, our mission is to find loving homes for the animals who need them. We have been the advocate and caretaker of homeless cats and dogs since 1966. We are proud of the work that our organization has done, and we are determined to continue our mission, but we need your financial support to make that happen.

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4915 West Taft Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13088
(315) 457-8762
New York State Rescue Registration Number: RR260
EIN #:16-6069942