Since HumaneCNY began inviting people to volunteer, many have answered the call. For those who help out at the shelter, the work can be physical and exhausting–but the reward is phenomenal.

HumaneCNY simply could not survive without the help of dedicated, caring animal lovers just like you who generously volunteer their time. From cleaning the cat rooms to doing dishes and feeding the animals to fundraising, our volunteers improve the quality of life of many homeless pets that are sheltered every year. All volunteers are required to attend a volunteer orientation meeting.  And, like the staff, every volunteer must remember our animals are always the number one priority. Call the shelter or check the homepage for next volunteer orientation date. At volunteer orientation you will fill out an application, tour the shelter and hear about all the volunteer opportunities available from the shelter director. We are sure you will find the perfect volunteer task that fits you.

​On-site Volunteer Protocol

  1. On-site volunteers shall be at least 18 years of age
    • Minimum age 13 years – require an adult with them and with the following provisions)
      1. currently enrolled as full-time students;
      2. submit a volunteer release form with parental consent executed;
  2. All volunteers shall have major medical coverage, either in their own right or through their parents’ or guardians’ health insurance; The Shelter assumes no responsibility for accidents and/or injuries involving volunteers working on-site (volunteers will be required to sign a release form acknowledging this before commencing duties).
  3. Volunteers may sign up in advance or just stop by when you have time to help out. Those under 18 years old need to contact the Shelter Director and set-up a volunteer schedule. Volunteer hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday - Saturday.
  4. Volunteer tasks include
    • ​Changing bedding
    • ​Cleaning cages and community rooms
    • ​Data Entry/Office Work
    • ​Dishing Food
    • ​Event Planning
    • ​Gardening
    • ​Hosting Event Tables
    • ​Prepping Laundry
    • ​Scooping/changing cat litter
    • Scrubbing litter pans
    • Sweeping/mopping floors
  5. All animals are to be treated and handled gently and respectfully.
  6. Volunteers are welcome to visit, play and socialize with the animals once their volunteer shift is over.
  7. Should a volunteer find a task unmanageable, every effort will be made to find another task more suited to his/her ability.