We’re Proud to be Charity Bib Partners for the 2023 Boilermaker!

Help HumaneCNY’s Charity Bib Runners Raise Funds for Our Animals! 

The Boilermaker 15K and 5K will take place on Sunday, July 9, 2023 in Utica, NY. The 5k walk will take place on Saturday, July 8, 2023.  

We have 18 HumaneCNY Charity Bib runners and walkers, with the opportunity to raise at least $10,000 for our animals. Each runner is asked to raise $500 for HumaneCNY! Scroll down <img draggable= for photos and bios of our runners!

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Runner Bios

Alicia Koval

As a volunteer at HumaneCNY, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that this organization has on the lives of animals in need from all walks of life. Every day the staff at HumaneCNY works tirelessly to provide care, love, and support to all animals who come through their doors and rely on the generosity of the community to make it all possible. Pictured with me here is my adoptable friend Buster who has been with HumaneCNY since October. I’m participating in the Charity Bib Program for HumaneCNY for dogs like Buster. I hope to help raise awareness and funds for the shelter to support the their efforts to give so many animals a second chance at life.

Barb Mortas
I’m participating in the Boilermaker for HumaneCNY this year because I appreciate all of the hard work they do for the animals that need it most! I have gotten to know the staff and animals at HumaneCNY over the last 5 years as a Syracuse City Dog Control officer. As a no-kill shelter, they work hard every day to make space for as many abandoned, abused, and neglected animals as they possibly can. Pictured with me here is one of my favorite dogs I’ve gotten to meet at my job.  Her name is Beauty and after bringing her in as a super emaciated dog in 2020, Beauty finally found the perfect forever home in June 2022.
Brian Hohler
My wife Nancy is the dog walking volunteer coordinator at HumaneCNY. I’m participating in the Boilermaker Walk with Nancy and other HumaneCNY volunteers! I recently fell in love with Pitbulls when we adopted our very own HumaneCNY rescue, Nina! That’s her in the photo. I’m happy to help HumaneCNY support their animals!
Davide Zimolo
I love nature, sports, food, and of course animals! I was born and raised in Italy and came to Central New York as an exchange student years ago. Since then, I’ve permanently moved to the Utica area to be with my beloved Stella. I’ve run two Boilermakers, volunteered with the Wheelchair Division on multiple occasions, and look forward to being part of this amazing event for many years to come! I have a soft spot for dogs — especially my family’s own rescues – Ziggy and Dex! They are now my cuddling buddies and adventure partners. I hope that the funds the other runners and I will raise this year for HumaneCNY will contribute to the welfare and the future of many other dogs like Ziggy and Dex!
Jason Shepard
As an avid runner, I look forward to participating in the Boilermaker with a charity bib for HumaneCNY!The Boilermaker is one of my favorite local races and I look forward to running for such a great cause. 
Jesse Sheer
I’m walking for my adoptable friend Barbie (pictured with me above). Because dogs like her don’t deserve the way that people have failed them. Barbie has been at HumaneCNY for over 200 days and is looking for a low-key, quiet home. I’ve been a volunteer dog walker at HumaneCNY for two years and each dog I walk steals a piece of my heart and takes it with them. Complete with enrichment, walks, and tons of playtime, HumaneCNY is the BEST possible place these animals can be until they find their “furever” home with a family that deserves them.
Katie Keating
As a seasoned rescuer, fosterer, and pet owner (and veteran runner), I am excited to run in support of animals in need. I have a long history of raising fur-babies and wish I could save them all; since that’s not feasible, I look forward to raising money to help in other ways. I have run with a Charity Bib for several other agencies (in the Utica area) over the years, and love using this opportunity and day of celebration as a way of helping others. I so appreciate HumaneCNY’s efforts and can’t wait to provide some support!! Pictured with me are my dachshund mixes, Jameson (a hurricane victim rescued from the deep south) and Tully (her mom belongs to my mom). Not pictured are my two rescue cats and my bunny.
Katie Zaleski
I started running in 2022 and think that preparing for the Boilermaker 5k will help me tremendously in my running journey! I’m running for HumaneCNY because my wonderful fiancè works at the shelter and I’m able to see and hear first hand how much time and compassion goes into each animal. The staff and volunteers work extremely hard to be a resource to our community. HumaneCNY is vital to the Syracuse area and I’m happy to support them however I can!
Mary DaSilva
I have been a volunteer cat socializer at HumaneCNY for almost a year. I enjoy watching animals come and go as they find their forever homes! Being able to help these cats open up and feel comfortable at the shelter until they are ready for their forever homes has been very fulfilling. As a runner, I’m thrilled to participate in the Boilermaker 15k with a Charity Bib for HumaneCNY. I am ready to support them in their mission of sheltering CNY’s homeless animals with love and compassion!
​Maureen Davison
I joined as Shelter Director at HumaneCNY in 2020.  I am excited to run with HumaneCNY for this year’s Boilermaker! This will be my second Boilermaker and the first year running for such a great cause. HumaneCNY has helped so many sick, neglected and abandoned animals find loving homes. Pictured with me is Elvis, he was found running down I-81! I fostered Elvis for many months until he recently found an amazing forever home!
Michelle Blecha
I am attempting to run to support the animals! I am a dog foster for various animal organizations and appreciate the opportunity to raise funds to support animals, although I wish there was no need. I work to support my hounds that were thrown away by others. Pictured with me here is Shiloh, a senior Beagle I rescued at HumaneCNY. I am running the 5k for every animal that other humans have already failed.
Michele O’Brien
I am a current dog walker for HumaneCNY.  I am participating in this year’s Boilermaker Charity Bib program to help raise funds for the dogs I love so much! Rescuing and saving animals is very important to me and my life mission.  
Nancy Hohler
I have been volunteering at HumaneCNY for 3 years now.  I am the volunteer coordinator for the dog walking group, Paws in Motion. I am excited to participate in the Boilermaker this year for the first time in 10 years! This year I am running for adoptable Blue, pictured with me. Blue has been at the shelter over a year and is patiently waiting for a foster or forever home.
Nicole Mattes
I was born and raised in Syracuse! While my career as a Physician Assistant focuses on caring for humans, I genuinely just love animals! On a daily basis I am reminded of the abundance of homeless, lost, and suffering animals. They need an advocate. I run the boilermaker most every year, so why not raise money and awareness for a great cause – the animals. I stand behind and would like to represent the HumaneCNY. While I make small donations here and there, I would love to make a more significant impact for HumaneCNY!

Rachel Flynn 

I’ve been working at HumaneCNY for almost a year and have loved my experience. I am running the Boilermaker this year to support our animals and the work we do day in and day out. I’m specifically running for my pal Rico, pictured with me here. He has been at HumaneCNY longer than I have! Adoptable Rico has been at HumaneCNY for over 500 days…This energetic boy is more than ready for a forever home of his very own.

Richard Saxby
I have been volunteering at HumaneCNY for a few months now. I have really enjoyed getting to know all the dogs here. I LOVE walking all the big dogs!  This year I am participating in the charity bib program for adoptable Theo, pictured with me here. Theo lived his short life locked in a basement, because of this it has taken him a long time to trust humans again. He has been at the shelter for almost 2 years. During this time, he has made a lot of progress. Theo only enjoys the company of very few people at the shelter and I’m so glad he chose me to be one of them. I can’t wait for the day Theo and my other friends at the shelter find their perfect homes.
Ria Diehl
HumaneCNY is simply the best shelter I have seen and volunteered for. I love the amount of energy that’s put into the animals and the compassion to each individual situation. Running keeps me in better vibes and “is also required for the military!” HumaneCNY has given me my best friend “Fang” who will soon be certified as my PTSD/PSD and I can’t thank them enough. I would run for HumaneCNY any time!
Sheri Nelk 
I would like to run for HumaneCNY because of my love for animals and my commitment to local rescue groups. I love to run and have been a runner since I was a teenager! Most importantly because my father (in Heaven) made it a point to donate to HumaneCNY for many years. His support ranged from cat litter, food, bleach, and cookies for the yearly bake sale. I thought it’s only right to show my support by running this year’s Boilermaker for HumaneCNY!